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Hedonism Wines - Valentines Day Display

Updated: Aug 30, 2019

Client: Hedonism Wines

Project: Valentines Day 2019 retail window display

The brief: We were commissioned by Hedonism Wines to create a quirky and engaging Valentines Display for their flagship store in Mayfair, London. The brief was fun, 'instagrammable' and interactive - with a bit of tongue in cheek humour.

What we did:

  • built a custom red London telephone box replica, with a red and white flower wall on the interior back wall, and a faux floral garland spilling all over the front door

  • created a custom 'Call Me, Love!' neon that lit up at night

  • installed an interactive telephone with built in raspberry pi device so that when picked up, the listener could hear, 'I love you!'

  • curated a bespoke floral bike basket for the bike

  • sanded down the bike and sprayed it red

We designed, built and installed the display overnight, which was up for 3 weeks in the run up to Valentines Day 2019.

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