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South Central - Festival Installations

Updated: Aug 30, 2019

Client: The Festival Collective

Project: South Central Festival 2019

The brief: A brand new festival for 2019, South Central needed to make its mark as a fun, engaging, and creative festival that would appeal to a new market. Aimed at families and younger people, the festival organisers wanted us to create fun, colourful decor, including stage transformations, custom inflatables and interactive installations.

What we did:

  • transformed the main stage, with two custom 8m x 3m inflatable wings, custom cut South Central branding across the top, and colourful wooden cladding all around the edges

  • designed and built a full 3 storey hotel stage with a podium for DJs and performers

  • designed and built a giant 14m x 16m maze and covered it in astro turf

  • designed, CNC cut and painted a wooden VIP archway, attaching it to curved truss

  • built and painted bespoke South Central pallet signage

  • handmade over 300 metres of fabric festival bunting and rigged it across the festival

  • rigged all of the decor ourselves including fixing all of the wood to the stage, installing the scaffolding and erecting the hotel and maze


We designed and custom made 2 inflatable wings for the main stage - and rigged them, securing them tightly with truss clamps. We also cut and painted thin wooden strips and attached them around the frame of the stage to give it a colourful and distinct look.


Yes... 30 FOOT! We custom made not one, but two huge inflatable rubber ducks to give the absolute WOW factor on the second stage. We had to rig these extremely securely for safety, and they were monitored for the entire weekend by 4 members of our team!


We designed, built, painted and installed a 3 storey 'hotel' to create a fun and quirky third stage. The second storey was used as a DJ platform and podium for dancers!

One of our challenges was transporting all of the wood. We had just 4 days to build it all into this hotel - all on site.


We also designed and CNC cut all of the pieces for this archway; painted it, and attached it to curved truss for the VIP area entrance.


We made this 21 pallet installation for the festival, with hand-painted signage, just as the client requested!

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